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  1. Introduction
  2. Who can profit from this TCM Clinical Training?
  3. How to apply for the TCM Clinical Training?
  4. What should I prepare before I start my TCM Clinical Training?
  5. One to one teaching model
  6. Different stages of training
  7. How does it works and how many Hours?
  8. How long does it take to finish my required hours?
  9. I am working and I need my holidays, how could I do my Clinical Training?
  1. Entrance Requirements
  2. Certification
  3. Optional Enhancement
  4. Rules and Regulation: Clinical Hours
  5. TCM Movement

1. Introduction

The TCM Clinical Training is based on requests from students of TCM who express their wish to do their TCM practical training in ZhongYi – TCM Praxis. As ZhongYi Praxis is mainly set up to treat patients from Basel region, the possibilities to offer clinical training for TCM is mainly a one to one tutoring. There are only limited number of students that can be given the possibility with subject to the condition that are specific to the ZhongYi Praxis.

TCM stands for traditional Chinese medicine.

2. Who can profit from this TCM Clinical Training?

If you are thinking of doing a TCM school education while you are holding a Job, you are not sure if this is the right choice, then you may try to find out more by doing an Observation TCM Clinical course.

If you have already started a TCM school, yet not persuaded about if TCM really can help, then you may find answers to some of the questions and doubts by doing a TCM clinical course here.

If you have already finished a TCM School, you need to do clinical hours to complete your course or to obtain your license, then you may learn something that is useful for you later when you start practising your profession.

If you already started to work, yet, many problems and many new questions, you are not sure about how to advice the patients in certain situation, how long should you treat the patients, how much herbs is really needed to make the patients achieve the desired effect.

3. How to apply for the TCM Clinical Training?

Students or practitioners who are interested to do their practical training in ZhongYi Practice should initialise a first contact, either by phone (061 262 02 86) or by written letter (Zhongyi Praxis, K.Y. Toh, Schützenmattstrasse 39, 4051 Basel). A CV from the applicant is required.

A first interview will be arranged, if the student and ZhongYi Praxis have good impression from each other, the student should fulfil the entrance requirements and agree to the Rules and Regulation.

It is to note that the training here is more individual tailored for your own development in TCM skill, you need to give more time and energy for the hours of training received.

4. What should I prepare before I start my TCM Clinical Training?

You need to know what you want to know, what you do not know, make a list of questions before you start the TCM Clinical training.

You need to take days off, holidays, free your mind from your work.

If you are not working in medical field, you need to reset your mind into the TCM thinking model.

If you are working in a medical field other than TCM, you need to learn from the beginning, try to forget what you know already.

If you have already work in TCM, try to learn as if it is the first time, you will always discover things in TCM, either by observation or by doing them yourselves.

5. One to one teaching model

Due to the size of the ZhongYi praxis, only limited number of students can be trained each year. The training is a one to one tutoring.

6. Different stages of training

There are different modules to cater for different needs in TCM Clinical Training:

  • Pure Observation modules, subject to restriction of ZhongYi Praxis.
  • Basic TCM Clinical Training Module
  • TCM Clinical Training Module 1

7. How does it works and how many Hours?

There are three modules available:

  • Module A, 80 hours, TCM observation

It lasts 10 days, from 8:00 - 12:00, 14:00 – 18:00, Monday to Friday.

When you have decided to follow a TCM education, but somehow not quite sure if it is the right decision, then you may try this module to help you find out more if TCM is the study for you.

No pre-condition for taking part in this module. You are allowed to observe what types of patients seek help in TCM, what age group, for what reason are they looking for help, what do they expect from TCM.

Most patients do not mind the presence of a student, but this is still subjected to approval of the patients.

Hours will be allocated for Students to ask questions, but not during the treatment session.

  • Module B, 200 Hours, basic TCM clinical training

You have started a TCM education, and you have a lot of questions, you are sceptical about what is said in the books, or lectures, this module might help you to resolve some of the doubts.

You might have already finished your theory TCM school, you are looking for TCM clinical training to complete your education, then this module might be the right choice for you.

You will receive TCM treatment yourself, you do self-observation of the treatment received.

You are asked to write a report on your observation.

You need to bring in 2 patients, they will be treated by you, before the treatment, you will be tested on your basic skill, and you will be advised what to do before the treatment.

You will be asked to write the treatment protocol of the two patients you treat.

The treatment protocol will be published in www.zhongyi.ch after reviewed and approval from the tutor.

Depend on your interest, you will be given a TCM theme to develop your idea, this work will be supervised will be published in the Internet site www.zhongyi.ch.

Your photo will be published together with the report you have written.

In this module, you will be told verbally on your strong points in TCM, and advice to work on the weak points to prepare yourself for the real work in the Praxis later.

  • Module C, 500 Hours (Maximum)

You have already finished the module B, and you have decided to work on your weak points, then you might improve your TCM skill in this module.

You have already started working in TCM, yet many cases are difficult for you to treat, you would like to see more, learn more, get new idea what can be done in these cases with TCM. You may find some tips in treating these cases in this module.

You need to have a valid TCM working license (Acupuncture, TuiNa, Herbal Medicine) is required.

The student receive financial allowance for every hour of work done to the patients brought in by the student.

The goal here is to further develop the TCM skill and management. You need to bring between 5 to 12 patients of their choice, each of which receive 12 treatments or more.

In this module, you could bring in different types of patients, to observe which type of patients required more time, which type of patients react well, which type of patients work less well etc.

Practice give you confidence, here, you see more patients, you will start to develop a feeling of how to manage your time partition with the patients, moxa, cupping, needling and TuiNa, develop a feeling of how much, how long brings good result in the Pratice.

You also see that some patients require more than one series of treatment, you might have chance to learn to achieve a more stable stage for some patients by prolonging the treatment and avoid fast relapse.

Through practice, you realise with the help of the tutor, to discover and confirm your strong point within TCM framework.

The student receives 50 SFR for every hour of work done upon payment received from the patients to ZhongYi Praxis.

The student should keep track of all hours done, and submit the total number of hours at the end of the training to the tutor in order to receive a certificate of the training received.

8. How long does it take to finish my required hours?

It is a flexible system in the sense that there is for the moment no restriction imposed, some students take weeks to finish, some takes months, other takes years to finish the training, we suggest though that you make a plan to finish the training with a good progression based on your time allocation.

9. I am working and I need my holidays, how could I do my Clinical Training?

Either you try to free one day off from the week, or you try to do it Saturday morning.

A: Entrance Requirements

The condition of the training is as follow:

E0: a basic TCM education is required, from one of the recognised TCM schools in Switzerland or elsewhere prior to the clinical training in ZhongYi Praxis. The student should submit the documentation proof for the TCM Education done.

E1: as acupuncture is a work with risk, student should submit their work Insurance, this is a protection for the student, for the patient as well for the tutor and ZhongYi praxis in case unforeseen accident happened to the patients during the training period.

E2: in order to exercise TCM as a profession, it is essential that the student has been treated herself / himself with TCM. Each practitioner after some years of working will develop her/his own style, to learn from a TCM practitioner, receiving treatment from the practitioner is the best. The student will be treated as a normal patient in the praxis for 12 treatments at least.

E3: for a TCM Practitioner to live with TCM as a profession, He / She will need to get patients to be treated by himself / herself. During the clinical training period, this ability will be put into test, the student need to bring in at least 2 patients, each patient should have 12 treatments, the cost of treatment is the same as for all patients in ZhongYi Praxis. The student will work on the patients, from TCM Diagnose until cupping, moxa, insertion of needles or Tui Na depending on the case. The tutor will guide and supervise the student. Sometime, the student is left to work alone, this will be done to see if the student is capable to work independently. The student should inform the patients brought in that they will be treated by them under supervision beforehand.

B: Certification

The student will receive a certification of the training received with the number of hours done from the ZhongYi Praxis.

C: Optional Enhancement

It is important that the student has a basic knowledge of the Chinese language. Know a little Chinese will be very helpful for a hospital training in China at a later stage. To be able to read the Chinese TCM text one day should be the goal of all TCM Practitioners. You will realise that patients trust you more when they know that you know the Chinese language.

ZhongYi Praxis recommends a 40 hours Chinese course with Basic TCM vocabulary as a start. You can try to find a Chinese Teacher yourself or you can ask for reference teacher from ZhongYi Praxis.

D: Rules and Regulation: Clinical Hours

  1. The patients brought in should be given appointment within working hours: 7:45 – 20:00. The appointment should be fixed together with the tutor.
  2. Dress code: white colour, no other restriction.
  3. The student should give a passport size photo with good resolution, in JPG format.
  4. The student should come to the Praxis 10 minutes before the given appointment, the student should study the case before the treatment, use the protocol document given by Zhongyi Praxis during the treatment session.
  5. At the end of each series of treatment, a summary report should be written for each patient without the name of the patient. The content of the summary should include: feedback from the patients, observation from the student, states of the patients before the treatment and after the treatment, further recommendation to the patient. ZhongYi Praxis should keep one copy of the report.
  6. For acupuncture training, the student will insert the needles herself/himself based on the set of points agreed with tutor from Zhongyi praxis. Student should study the location of the points beforehand. The tutor will supervise the clinical hours. Some sessions, the student is left alone to treat the patient, a test to work independently.
  7. For Tui Na, acupressure training, the student might be tested before working directly on the real patients.
  8. The student should perform her/ his best when dealing with patients, correct, polite and discrete.
  9. The student should participate in the Praxis’s maintenance, helping to arrange the room after the treatment, switch off the light and the heating, open the door when the patients rings and accompany the patient to the waiting room or sending them off from the Praxis.
  10. All information received in the Praxis during the period of training, be it related to the patients’ information or the information of the praxis, they should be kept confidential and no communication with third parties during and after the period of observation except the report mentioned above.
  11. You obtain a certification of the clinical training from the Praxis, after your have fulfilled all condition mentioned.

E: TCM Movement

TCM movement is not an effort from one person, especially in a country like Switzerland, where there exists a cultural difference from China. If you find the training in ZhongYi Praxis satisfactory, we are thankful that you make your opinion known among students who are looking for TCM clinical training in Switzerland.

PS: The condition written in this draft might change with the time, you should check the most recent version when you are applying for the training at www.zhongyi.ch under TCM Students.